Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012

"An ardour to Thahirah"

Zeal and exquisite of her
Beating the times, affection is coming
Running, running, facing the velvety
Embrace her feeling, once it could be

Playing the heart, tapping the floor
Looking her visage, oh that’s an ardour
She’s an angel, coming to the door
Knocking the silent, all will evolved

She is velvet and the pearl
The dainty of the row, sitting for the show
Oh, she’s the main attraction,
Why I’m ardent to her?

She knows something.
She pretends nothing.

I know nothing.
I pretend something.

Love is abusive
Beating heart without mercy
It could be hurt, could be delight
Because of her, maybe it would nice

I’ll confess to her if I fortify,
It’s a battle of dreams and the actualities
When she knows what I feel
Could she accepted or disgruntled?

She’s a future wife, a reverie to him
It could be materialized, and all will begin
One day, it will changed,
A husband and wife, they will proclaim.

A Thahirah to him
A Thahirah is her

A wife for him
A husband to her

(Dedicated to her, the velvety of ‘Thahirah’)

Taiping, 12 May 2012

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