Sabtu, 19 Mei 2012

A story to a "Whisper"

This is a story about her
Equivocal, maybe
Engross, perhaps
From the beginning until the edge
It’s not cloying, I can say.

She’s enthral, together with the ethereal
Traverse slowly, across the row.
And I can see the picturesque of her
Oh, it’s just an ardent
From the beginning I saw her

Laconic, and always smiles,
The beauty resemble by simple style
I always enthusiastic about her
It’s just new beauty of friendship.

She looking from different perspective
Her eye is look catchy
Her hand is look lovely
I just want to say how adorable she is
But instead, I just keep silent pacing some admire.

The beautiful of her arise as soon as smile
Always happy, that’s the fairly scenery
She always at the front, while I’m at the back
Should I meet her, and say something to her?

Admire the magical of her
It’s just fun talking at the blue book
It’s just writing, but it’s enough
Always make me smile, and left boredom.

I always ask thousand of asking
Just want to be friend, as it could be
Something tell me, you are good
As good as she is when she’s walking

I will always remember this story
You could be congruous, and it’s evergreen
Sweet memory once in a chase
Yes, when the learning started at the same place

I love what she listen
A song
and the taste of enjoyment.
Maybe, she has great view
Extracting the moment
while she knew.

I believe this is solely moment
Entire picture of memory, comes from her
It’s just an experience
Looking a fascination through my eye
Yes, she is a friend of me
A good friend perhaps.

It’s just a story of her.
A story that I want to share to her.

Kolej Za’ba, UPSI, 18 May 2012.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

Mungkin banyak penggunaan perkataan yang unik, namun itulah namanya tulisan kreatif. Mungkin penyajak punyai maksud sendiri, dan puisi ini mungkin difahami dengan baik oleh si dia. Hanya yang menulis dan penerimanya sahaja yang tahu setiap maksud baik dalam puisi ini.