Rabu, 9 Mei 2012

"His Thahirah and her husband"

He feels the soft
He feels the virtuous
She touch the beauty
She touch the delicate.

He's numbskull....
They said.

He's sleeping soundly
They thought.

Oh no, oh no
Who the hell do they think they are?
He's in love
She said

He's lethargic
Must be a reason
She knows, without question
Living his world, it's ardour
Oh, she's his Thahirah, that for sure

A wife to him
A husband to her.

A Thahirah to him
A Thahirah is her.

(dedicated to her, which is truly 'Thahirah' for me)

E-Learning, UPSI, 7 May 2012

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